From the magazine LSR 2/2020 | S. 86-95 The following page is 86

Unterstützungsbeiträge im Bereich des Heilmittelrechts

Zulässigkeit und Abgrenzung von Unterstützungsbeiträgen gemäss VITH

Integrity & Transparancy, Sponsoring, Anti-Corruption


This article provides an overview on the new regulation regarding support contributions by pharmaceutical companies for research, teaching, infrastructure as well as for further education. In particular, the article gives a general overview regarding the preconditions to be met for admissible contributions as well as selected practical questions such as the territorial and personal scope of this regulation, the relationship between each contribution category, the legal basis for support contributions regarding teaching and infrastructure, the requirement of written contracts, the admissibility of services in return in this context as well as the support of events.
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